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Winter Refuge

Winter Refuge is a collection of photographs of birds and their cold winter habitat in the Mid-Atlantic. They chose to winter in the north instead of migrating south down the Atlantic Flyway.

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Warmer Waters

Warmer Waters is a collection of photographs looking at birds in Florida during winter. Some are resident and others flew down the Atlantic Flyway to escape the cold and frozen waters to the north.

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Parade of Lights

The Bridge of Lions is an iconic feature of the St. Augustine waterfront. I captured this photograph during the Parade of Lights under a full moon. A portion of the proceeds goes to help the […]

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Independence Day

Independence Day was made at the fireworks celebration on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville. A portion of the proceeds goes to help the homeless that live in downtown Jacksonville.

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Llamar un Taxi

Llamar un Taxi captures the feel of a fall afternoon in downtown Havana. I made it on a mission trip to support the Cuban people and part of the proceeds goes to help Cubans in […]

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Larga Sombra

Large Sombra captures a man traveling home after a long hard day of work in downtown Havana. He casts a long shadow. I made the photograph while catching a bus back to the neighborhood. A […]

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